ACG University Advice Link

The ACG University Advice link has been live for two and a half months, and it is great to see ACG students and parents from all our schools use it. We have users from year 10 right up to year 13 using the link. The link is located on your MYACG Page and is called ACG University Advice.
ACG University Advice now links to 31 pages of information and sites that we hope will provide information and confidence to students planning their post ACG life. In August we added 8 new pages, one for each of New Zealand’s Universities. Another page that has been updated is the Parents page. We have added a link to a resource AUT have created, “Parents Hub”, and it is helpful to parents of students leaving home and going to University.
Making the best choice relies on having the best information, and that is one of the main reasons we have introduced the University Advice link. The ACG University Advice link is not a stagnant database, it is an evolving resource aimed at giving our students and their parents access to important information that can help them make one of the biggest decisions they have faced so far, choosing the degree and university that is the best fit for them.

If there is a page you think we should add, please feel free to email your suggestion to our ACG University Advisor, or contact Strathallan’s careers advisor, Mrs Jane Balchin.