Cross Country

The whole college gathered together for an afternoon of cross country running on Friday, enjoying the house spirit as well as the opportunity to finally be able to gather as a group under the current covid setting. While many students were happy to participate for all-important house points, a significant number were there to test themselves and vie for top in their age group. Congratulations to the following students:

Year 7 Girls

1st – Sophia Horton

2nd – Lara Migounoff

3rd – Alexia Thomas

Year 7 Boys

1st – Tighe Healy

2nd – Henri Lem

3rd – Ryan Atiga

Year 8 Girls

1st – Xanthe Field

2nd – Aria Pollard

3rd – Nikita Nicholl-Jones

Year 8 Boys

1st – Bishop lafaele

2nd – Sam Chen

3rd – Josh Murray

Junior Girls

1st – Jessica Loxton

2nd – Gemma Smith

3rd – Olivia Waddell

Junior Boys

1st – Johnny Bretherton

2nd – Evan Herbison-Scott

3rd – Lenny Hender

Intermediate Girls

1st – Georgia Lynch

2nd – Millee Loxton

3rd – Sophia Hoffman and Emmy Malins

Intermediate Boys

1st – Jeremy Foo

2nd – Thomas Brown

3rd – Dylan Cooper

Senior Girls

1st – Annalie Malins

2nd – Philippa Pollard

3rd – Lauren Slaughter

Senior Boys

1st – Brynn Cantwell

2nd – James Blakeman-Smith

3rd – Simon MacCormick