Cross Country

Thursday 11th June

Cross Country marked the first big event for Strathallan since the start of lockdown, bringing the college back together for an exciting occasion and the chance to compete for house points. Students not running in the competitive race played their part by piling onto the gym balcony in their tutor groups and cheering on the runners as they passed along the field and came into finish under the goal posts. This event was the perfect opportunity to show our school spirit and pride, it was a huge success.


Junior Boys:

1st – Jeremy Foo

2nd David Grey

3rd Justin Deng


Junior Girls

1st Georgia Lynch

2nd Millee Loxton

3rd Taylor Frost


Int Boys:

1st Taine Cantwell

2nd Ethan Foo

3rd James Blakeman-Smith


Int Girls:

1st Ashley Rohloff

2nd Annalie Malins

3rd Georgia Butcher


Senior Boys:

1st Maverick Hayes

2nd Tanatswa Takawira

3rd William Cornish


Senior Girls:

1st Kayla Sinclair

2nd Lydia Ainsworth

3rd Charlotte Francis

The non-competitive cross country run/ walk for participation house points took place at lunchtime on Friday the 12th of June. It was so great to see so many people out and participating to get points for their house – whether they were running or walking it was awesome to see so much school spirit. A class from the primary school came up to cheer for everyone coming down the finishing shoot – their enthusiasm was so contagious and ended cross country on a high for everyone.

By Ashley Rohloff and William Cornish





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