Drama and Dance


AS Drama students have been working extremely hard over Terms 1 and 2 preparing for their Scripted Performance of the play Bare written by Toa Fraser. Throughout the rehearsal process AS Drama students have been in charge of directing their fellow cast members within ensemble-based scenes and incorporating their own creative ideas towards the development of the performance piece as a whole. The students have studied the Cultural, Historical and Social contexts of the text, in order to develop deeper connections to the multiple characters they play.

Bare is a New Zealand play, based on the inter-twining and inter-linking of characters from different walks of lives, sharing their stories, their dreams, their aspirations, their fears and their desires. The students play a multitude of characters, exercising their ability to physically and vocally transition between roles.

During the lockdown period AS Drama students were challenged by not being able to physically continue the rehearsal process in person, however, they did not let this stop them from making progress. They co-wrote and filmed duologue short films based on one of their chosen characters within the play which allowed the character development process to continue and enhance their understanding.

It was fantastic last night to see the culmination of their hard work in their final performance and we wish them well as they begin preparing their Devising performance pieces next term.



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