Franklin Schools Gymnastics Championships

Congratulations to our Primary Gymnastics team, who brought home an incredible total of 24 awards from the Franklin Schools Gymnastics Championships. The team worked very hard to perfect each of their routines, competing in 3 or more different apparatus each. Congratulations to our wonderful gymnasts.

Level 1 :
Year 4 Girls : Hayley Sorrell – 2nd Floor, and Chloe Zhang – 1st Vault.

Level 2:
Year 4 Girls: Emma Robinson – 1st Overall, 2nd Floor, 2nd Vault, 2nd Vault, 1st Beam,
Year 4&5 Boys: Tom Plimmer – 2nd Overall, 1st Floor, 2nd Mat, 3rd Vault.
Year 5 Girls: Daria Eltham – 3rd Overall, 2nd Beam.
Year 6 Girls: Izabela Ismail – 1st Overall, 1st Vault, 2nd Floor, 3rd Beam, and Alex Williams – 3rd Overall, 1st Beam.

Level 3:
Year 5-8 Girls: Alexia Thomas – 1st Overall, 1st Trampoline, 1st Double Mini, 3rd Vault, 3rd Beam.