Fun with Fabrics in the nursery!

Fun with Fabrics

Teacher Rachel loves to sew and recently bought some fabric samples for the children to investigate.

All the fabrics were different: some thick, heavy, and furry; some thin, light, and floaty; and some rough and scratchy. The children explored the differences between them by looking at them, shaking them, throwing them up in the air, laying on them, trying to look through them, and stroking them. The paper bags that contained the fabrics were almost as exciting!

What Learning Happened Here?

This tactile experience taught the children so many things. They heard words such as “rough”, “soft”, “scratchy”, “floaty” etc. They learned that some types of fabric floated gently downwards when they were thrown up in the air, whilst others fell straight down because they were heavier. Some fabrics made good blankets and others were fun to peep out from behind. Some were see-through (transparent) while others were not. Some were fun to put on their heads while others made the children laugh when they were flapped around. The children identified the different colours of the fabrics and noticed the sequins on Harpers’ top. Some fabrics felt nice when rubbed against their cheeks and some definitely did not. Potential benefits of this activity:

Sensory/Tactile development

Fine motor skills

Hand-eye coordination

Making comparisons

Colour identification

Opportunities and Possibilities

I would like to continue this activity with other children so that everyone has the same experience. In the future, I would like to explore fabrics and patterns from different countries and cultures.