House Art Competition

Congratulations to all of the primary students who entered the House Art competition. Your creative designs made it a difficult decision for our judges. Congratulations to this years winners:

Year 1 Winner: Lucan Qin (Angus)   Runner up: Ryan Frost (McLaren)
Year 2 Winner: Matthew Han (Angus)  Runner up: Jiaxuan Li (Batten)
Year 3 Winner: Cameron Frost (McLaren)  Runner up: Kimi Lin (McLaren)
Year 4 Winner: Harry Alderton (McLaren)  Runners up: Griffin Chang (Angus) and Alexa Jamieson/ Zoey Guerin (Batten)
Year 5 Winner: Stanley Huang (Angus)  Runner up: Lily Li (Wilkins)
Year 6 Winner: Melissa Ma (Wilkins)  Runner up: Daria Eltham (McLaren)