Junior Dance Showcase Performances Term 3

All Year 7, 8 and 9 Dance classes presented their Term 3 Dance work in a series of lunchtime performances in the last week of term three. It was a great opportunity for our junior students to present their work to a live audience and build upon their performance confidence.

Year 7 Dance: Sāsā

Year 7 Dance classes spent Term 3 learning about the Samoan culture and their way of living, which has direct links to the specific movements they use within the Samoan Sāsā style of dance. We were fortunate enough to have the talented and experienced Sāsā tutor Xavier Breed, who choreographed the Sāsā sequences this year.



Year 8 Dance: Contemporary Hip Hop Fusion

Year 8 Dance classes focused on a Contemporary and Hip-Hop fusion full-class piece. Students were involved in the choreographic process by incorporating their own 8-16 counts, of contemporary and hip-hop style movement. Students developed their sense of ensemble and the development of the skills required to Dance as a whole group together, such as moving in unison, timing, rhythm, tempo and expression.

Year 9 Dance: Maori Hip Hop Fusion

Year 9 Dance classes worked in groups to choreograph Maori Hip Hop performance sequences that developed their understanding of the Dance elements and devices of formation, transitions, quality of movement, timing, canon and sense of ensemble. These sequences were inspired by Te Reo Maori culture and the study of the evolution of Hip hop over time.


Congratulations to all performing classes. Dance Showcase Performance videos have been shared to the class Teams pages and can be shared with parents, caregivers, family and friends.