Junior Preschool

Team Leader and Blue Group Teacher: Lekha Kadambhanthoney Parameswaran


Orange Group Teacher: Sonia Sonia.Semerad@acgedu.com

Red Group Teacher: Esther Esther.Toailoa@acgedu.com

Green Group Teacher: Lin Lin.Xu@acgedu.com


We have been fortunate to celebrate Olympics at juniors. For the past two weeks, teachers have introduced children to a variety of games and art experiences. Children have shown their enthusiasm by participating in various games such as running races, lemon-spoon races, hurdles, obstacle courses, shot discs, and sack races. Encouraging children to participate in games at a young age develops a positive attitude and good sportsmanship. The children had so much fun and everyone was a winner!

Children’s interest in dramatic play is strongly evident in their play. Children are recreating and rehearsing various real-life situations both indoors and outdoors. They are taking their learning to the next level as they are deeply engaged in this complex play for sustained periods. We have witnessed many learning outcomes such as imaginative skills, social skills, negotiation, turn-taking, leadership, and oral language development through this ongoing interest which children have been leading for months.

Special Moments

We welcome Lucas Zhang, Parinoor Kaur & Dilsher Sandhu, and their families to our junior room.

We sadly say goodbye to Vihaan Sorte as he is starting a new preschool.

Friendly Reminder

Please ensure you provide labeled spare clothes and wet bags to put the dirty clothes.

We sincerely request to keep your child/children home if he is unwell as this is very important to keep others safe and from getting sick.

Where to next?

We continue to scaffold children’s learning by providing a safe and stimulating environment.