Junior Preschool

Welcome to Term Two


The two-week holiday programme was very successful. Children enthusiastically participated being engaged in various learning experiences such as arts and crafts, treasure hunts, messy play, bike day, and more.


We also celebrated Anzac Day where children made their own poppy flowers. Tamariki art will go on display in the cloak room so please have a look. 

The children also made Mother’s Day cards for the celebrations this coming Sunday. Have a lovely day, Mums!


Our learning this month 

The children show a keen interest in role-playing. They are spending a lot of time in the family corner cooking with the play food and feeding babies, showing interest in dressing them and feeding them, reading books to them, taking them for a walk, and playground. 

They take on different roles in their play such as mums or dads. 

Roleplay is an important part of child development, as it builds confidence, creativity communication, physical development, imagination, and problem-solving. Along with being a fun activity, it also allows children to get into character and act out real-life roles or fictional performances.

Imaginative play not only aids intellectual development but also improves children’s social skills and creativity. In addition, it gives children a chance to play out events that they have observed or experienced in real life.

The children’s ongoing interest is in mat times activities, building with blocks, exploring outdoors especially riding bikes, playing in the sandpit pretend cooking, or playing with trains, cars and trucks. 


Where to Next?

We will continue to provide a rich learning environment with a variety of resources so that children can nurture and pursue their various interests. 


Special Moments

We welcome Miles, Augustine, Ray, Maxwell, and Theodore and their families to our junior room.


Friendly Reminder

As we are going into winter, please ensure your child/children have dressed appropriately in winter gear (jackets, raincoats, beanies, closed shoes, or gumboots).

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