Mangere Mountain


This month, our year 9 Social Science students embarked on a journey to the centre of the Earth. They visited the site of Auckland’s only volcano with a ‘tholoid’- a lava plug in the middle of the crater – Mangere Mountain. The visit included discovering the unique formation of Auckland’s volcanic field, understanding the importance of Mangere Mountain for the ancient iwi and participating in volcanic eruption experiments. The morning visit concluded with a very sunny hike up to the rim of the crater, stopping to appreciate the power of a volcanic eruption whilst studying the lava bombs and then on to the summit to view the surrounding landscape and an opportunity to see the historical man-made features that helped secure a water supply to the mountain’s 4,000 inhabitants. The students then journeyed further into the Earth at Ambury Farm where they descended into a lava cave. Hard hats and gloves ensured they felt dressed for the occasion and the students enjoyed studying the lava formations and learning about how the caves were formed thousands of years ago. The afternoon was spent understanding civil response to volcanoes and the students assessed their own abilities in preparation by organising appropriate resources to take with them during an evacuation. The visit provided an opportunity for some great learning and the students all enjoyed