Message from the Executive Principal

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

A daily deluge of rain over the past five days did little to dampen the spirits of your sons and daughters as they arrived back from their school holidays looking relaxed, rested and ready for the term ahead. They are joined this term by a number of new students in the Primary School and College and I would like to welcome our new families to the campus. I would also like to extend a warm welcome to Mrs. Baxter (Science Faculty), Ms. Lawton (English Faculty), Mr. Joseph (Mathematics Faculty) and Ms. Yang (Languages Faculty) who have all joined the College team this term.

Over the next nine weeks there is an incredible range of events and activities for students to look forward to. The College tug of war house competition on Wednesday was a fiercely contested affair and the first of many house events this term. The term three calendar is packed with winter sports fixtures, tournament week, the AIMS games, Maths and Science Week, KBB Band Festival, Maori Language and Cultural week, the Pink Breakfast and many, many more events and activities.

Term Three is also a crucial time for our senior students in the College as they prepare for their end of year external Cambridge exams. Teachers offer a range of additional support sessions over the coming months to ensure that their students have the best possible chance of doing well in these all-important examinations. This term is of special significance to our Year 13s as it is their last term of school before going on study leave. I wish our Year 13 students all the very best for their remaining weeks of school and we look forward to farewelling them in style on the 30 September.

At the start of another term of learning, I would ask that you please avoid taking your child out of school for extended periods during term time. Our teachers meticulously plan for the term ahead and when your children are away during term time, they are missing out on valuable learning time.

Parent Teacher Interviews will take place over the coming weeks, and it is a key time for you to discuss your child’s progress with their teachers. Sustained academic progress is dependent on a variety of factors and the meetings between you and your child’s teachers are an invaluable opportunity to discuss their learning and to raise any concerns that you might have about their progress.

I shall look forward to seeing some of you at the upcoming Parent Teacher Interviews.

Warm regards,

Danny O’Connor