Minimising food-related choking risks 2021 – Lunch box

At the end of last year, new licensing criteria came out about minimising food-related choking risks in early learning services.

The risk of children choking while eating, licensing criteria for early learning services are being amended.

High-risk food to exclude

Exclude the following foods. They have the highest risk of choking on and are either not practical to alter, have no or minimal nutritional value, or both:

• whole or pieces of nuts (We are nut-free)
• large seeds, like pumpkin or sunflower seeds
• hard or chewy sweets or lollies
• crisps or chippies
• hard rice crackers
• dried fruit
• sausages, saveloys and cheerios
• popcorn
• marshmallows.

Please follow these guidelines as they are a ministry requirement. We will send home any of the above food back that should be excluded from their lunch box.

I have also attached a table for your reference ‘How to alter high-risk food to lower its choking risk’.

As a centre we will always sit and supervise you child eating and have qualified first aid teachers at every meal.

Guidelines- How to alter high-risk food to lower its choking risk

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.