Nursery Preschool

Although the weather does not always permit it at this time of year, getting children (and adults) outside has so many benefits that it is worth making an effort to brave the elements.   


Our children love being outdoors.  Some of them favor the sandpit over the bikes, while others like a ball or hoop.  Almost all of them like to look out from our playground to see what else is going on around them.  The gardening and maintenance team provides great entertainment as they pass by on mowers or golf carts.  Even more exciting is someone with a weed eater or leaf blower!  Some of our children focus on passing planes and trucks while others like to chat with their friends or siblings in the Senior’s playground.  Being outdoors has benefits for teachers too; we get to talk about the weather, the seasons, shadows, vehicles, Papatūānuku, and Ranginui (Earth Mother and Sky Father) – to name a few. 

Nursery recently received a generous donation of a 4-seater pushchair and in order to make the most of our surroundings, we are planning to take some walks around the campus and talk about what we see on our travels.  Being outside has obvious benefits in terms of getting fresh air, but a change of scenery is good for our mental state as well.  In terms of social skills, the children get away from toys which they sometimes squabble over, and have new things to focus on.  Those children who are mobile get to develop their gross motor skills and run off some pent-up energy whilst learning about the outdoor environment.  Those who are not yet mobile will get to travel in style. 

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 Please remember to bring your child’s warm coat and hat to the Nursery (named please) so that we can venture outside if the weather permits.