Nursery Preschool

What did we learn through play this monthJanuary 2021 

Nau mai hoki mai, welcome back nursery whanau! It has been wonderful to see you all again and to hear about your holiday adventures. The Tamariki have been reconnecting with their peers and teachers, and it has been great to see them confidently exploring the nursery and showing curiosity and wonderment in learning about the world around them. “Children learn by engaging in meaningful interactions with people, places and things”. Our nursery Tamariki are capable and confident explorers, researchers and communicators, who are developing holistically as they build relationships and form early working theories and concepts.

Some special moments in the nursery….

Ayaan has recently discovered how to crawl and is showing a lot of curiosity in exploring the environment, moving confidently, and challenging himself physically. It is wonderful to see the joy he is experiencing from the new discoveries he is making each day.  Harvey’s confidence is flourishing along with his verbal communication skills. He has been sharing in conversations with his peers and teachers and is eager to talk about “cars”. Since returning Cruz has taken interest in caring for our younger babies and has been showing them a lot of Love, offering them toys, and gently rubbing their backs. What wonderful Tuakana you are becoming Cruz!

This month we will be saying farewell to Charlie and Harry as they transition to the Junior room to continue their learning journeys. We are very excited for them and look forward to supporting them through this new transition. We would also like to extend a warm welcome to Lucas, Dhruvit, Florence, and families who have recently joined our nursery whanau. We are looking forward to supporting you to settle in and getting to know you all some more over the coming weeks.

Parent Contributions: 

 It has been wonderful learning more about how your children’s interests, strengths, and dispositions have developed over the past few weeks. Thank you for sharing this valuable information with our teachers, we love learning more about your children and this helps us to support your Tamariki further at preschool.