Peer Mediation

This year we have introduced a peer mediation service within the college and already it is having an impact. 18 students were selected to be part of the peer mediation team after going through an application process late last year, and last month two mediator instructors from The Peace Foundation came to school to instruct the team in the peer mediation process.

Providing a peer mediation service within the school has so much potential to support conflict resolution and encourage personal development.  Individuals experiencing social conflict can approach the peer mediators, through referral from staff or directly, to receive a structured mediation process. This will be a safe environment where everyone can feel supported, so that the best outcome for all parties can be reached.

Training took place over the course of a day with trainers, Christina and Lisa, steering the group through various activities encouraging creativity, confidence and many other skills needed to mediate effectively. The group had lots of fun completing the activities and each session ended with a period of reflection and discussion. There were lots of opportunities to work through practical scenarios providing useful response practice and students came away with an understanding of how mediation can be used, how it can be useful, and how people may view situations differently.

Providing this opportunity for our students further develops potential leadership skills and enhances critical thinking to ensure our future leaders of the school have a wealth of skills. This is an exciting addition to our leadership and wellbeing programmes and we are looking forward to the impact this initiative will have on the school.