Primary Athletics Results

Our students had a wonderful day at our annual Primary Athletics Day. Well done to everyone who took part on the day. We are pleased to share with you the results from the day.  The overall winning House and individual placings are as follows.

House Competition:
1st Angus, 2nd McLaren, 3rd Batten, and 4th Wilkins.

Athletics Final Placings:

Year 0 Girls                                                             Year 0 Boys

1st Hadlee Norton                                                    1st Benjamin Ye

2nd Amelie Charles                                                  2nd Kiaan Pandey

3rd Rehmat Kaur                                                      3rd Tommy Wiltshire


Year 1 Girls                                                              Year 1 Boys

1st Ruby Burns                                                          1st Jaiden Nand

2nd Alba Heremaia-Manaia                                  2nd Martin Wiltshire

3rd Brooklyn Garthwaite                                        3rd Zachary Shen

3rd Madeleine Stacey

3rd Maisie Bull


Year 2 Girls                                                         Year 2 Boys

1st Chenault De Meyer                                            1st Thomas Walsh

2nd Kate Bamola                                                      2nd Ethan Zhang

3rd Bouquet Clist                                                     3rd Alvin Lee


Year 3 Girls                                                          Year 3 Boys

1st Hayley Sorrell                                                      1st Blake Nicholl-Jones
2nd Chloe Zhang                                                       2nd Sohum Sailopal

3rd Roxanne Marshall                                              3rd Samuel Speedy


Year 4 Girls                                                           Year 4 Boys

1st Sophie Bull                                                          1st Tom Jamieson

2nd Courtney Wheeler                                            2nd Isaiah Tauu

3rd Simrat Kaur                                                       3rd William Moore


Year 5 Girls                                                          Year 5 Boys

1st Lucia Dawkins                                                     1st Liam Olsson

2nd Alexia Thomas                                                    2nd Lincoln Wheeler

3rd Lily Loveridge                                                      3rd Bruce Xu


Year 6 Girls                                                             Year 6 Boys

1st Nikita Nicholl-Jones                                             1st Jack O’Connor

2nd Vera Mende                                                          2nd Wianru Oosthuizen

3rd Sarah Jane Kennerley                                         3rd Oliver Carlisle