Senior Preschool

Our children have been showing a keen interest in demonstrating the gross motor skills that they have been learning during our Physical Education sessions. We have moved our session to the college gym every Tuesday morning from 9.45 am to 11 am. Please ensure that your child/children are in preschool by 9 am so that we can make the most of the session.

It was lovely to see our children performing at the Primary School shared assembly with such confidence. They all did a wonderful job learning the songs and actions in such a short time.

We have been celebrating Matariki through art and craft activities, stories, and songs. You are welcome to see the various art and craft display in the senior preschool room.

Thank you everyone for your contributions on Jammie mufti day. Your donations will support keeping the vulnerable children in our community warm through winter.


  • Our focus: Developmental Skills for Preschoolers

The early years are the time to build a strong foundation in all developmental areas. From learning to cut with scissors or hold a pencil to learning to share, take turns, and problem solve, these are developmental skills for preschoolers. At this age, children are exploring and learning to express emotions. They do this in many ways, for example, by talking, using gestures, noises in play.

For children to grow into strong, healthy, and giving adults, their education in the early years should meet developmental milestones. Some examples of these milestones are:


  • Hops and stands on one foot.
  • Goes upstairs and downstairs without support.
  • Kicks ball forward.
  • Throws ball overhand.
  • Moves forward and backward with agility.