Senior Preschool

  • Welcome back to Senior Preschool.

Returning to preschool after a long break such as Christmas takes a little adjustment especially for our little children. This week, teachers in the senior preschool have been helping children settle in by reminding them of routines such as tidy-up time, mat time and washing hands before meals.

Routines are very important for children and ensure that there is plenty of time and structure for learning to take place. But settling in does not begin and end at preschool – there are a few ways that parents can help children get back into the swing of preschool.

  • Tips to help ease your child back into preschool:
  1. Regular bedtimes – regular sleep is essential for children and it is very important to have regular bedtimes when your child returns to school.
  2. Plenty of sleep – Recognise that your children might need a bit more sleep in their first week back and make sure there’s time for this.
  3. Keep up with routines at home – Children sleep a lot better with bedtime routines. This might include a bath before bed, a bedtime story, and a period of winding downtime. It is hard for children to switch straight from play to sleep.
  4. Come to school on time – We have our own routines in the mornings at preschool and they prepare our children for the day. It is important that they do not miss these and that they do not arrive feeling stressed and rushed!
  5. Ask about their day – Sometimes it is hard to get an answer out of children if you ask an open-ended question such as “how was your day?” Try to be more specific by asking “who did you play with?” or “tell me something funny that happened today.” It is a great thing talking to your child about their school day and we encourage families to discuss school life together.
  • Special moments:
  • Welcome to senior preschool Lucas Qin.


  • Start date of Term 1:
  • Our first day of Term 1 will begin on 25/01/2021. Please note that your child will need to wear their uniform (ACG Strathallan polo t-shirt and navy-blue pants/tights) from this date.