Staff Profile

As Faculty Co-ordinator for Languages, Ms Virginia Frontan’s goal for this year was to raise the profile of languages in the school, something which she is certainly well on her way to achieving. She has gathered together a group of interested students to establish a Language and Culture committee, and they are already working hard to ensure that our diverse languages and cultures within the school community are celebrated.

Ms Frontan has a real passion for language learning. Not content with being fluent in three languages, she is currently also learning French and Maori. Ms Frontan joined the staff of Strathallan six years ago and has had a tremendous impact on the school and her students in that time. She loves travelling and has accompanied our students on trips to Spain on two occasions to support their Spanish language studies. What is not widely known about Ms Frontan is that when she leaves school at the end of each day, she heads home to her boat. For many students, this fact was only revealed during lockdown. Ms Frontan was recently interviewed for South magazine, where she described her journey to New Zealand and her decision to settle in Auckland. You can read the article here

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