Student Leadership Camp

Leadership Camp for the 2021 prefects was held in Huia at Kiwanis Lodge two weeks before school started. It was a great opportunity for the newly elected prefects to bond and build on skills and values that would guide them through the year. Through various activities such as caving – parts of it blindfolded – tramping, sea kayaking and raft building, the camp allowed the team to identify norms of unity, trust, support, teamwork, courage and communication.

To help them think about what they could bring to the team this year, the prefects were required to read the book ‘Legacy’ by James Kerr which reflects on how to be the best you can possibly be in a team and in yourself. This inspired a great deal of reflection and discussion about how they can implement these essential values in everything they do around the school.

The three days gave the team time to reflect on their goals, and a chance to consider how they will approach the year as leaders in the school. They are certainly more than ready to take on the year ahead and leave their own legacy.