Sports; Swimming

Swimming Sports

We had a record number of entries for this year’s swimming sports and there was a great atmosphere at the pools. Congratulations to our swimming champions for this year:


Year 7 Girls
Olivia Waddell
Charlotte Bowskill
Katie Migounoff

Year 7 Boys
Ryan Hunter
Brayden Jaggs
Hunter Schwass

Hayden Townsend

Year 8 Girls
Kaitlyn Daniels
Sophia Hoffman
Jemma Lyall

Year 8 Boys
Theo Lau
Raphael Polansky
Allen Zhu

Junior Girls
Sasha Nichol
Carol Guo
Molly Martinovich

Junior Boys
Luke O’Connor
Rhys Johnstone
Roy Hyun

Intermediate Girls
Libby Murphy
Janaye Burns
Jessie Dai

Intermediate Boys
Jacob Kearns

Nathan Joe

Kevin Fan

Senior Girls
Charlotte Francis
Christina Xiao
Briar Englebrecht

Lydia Ainsworth

Senior Boys
Alex Murphy

Michael Arnold

Harry Winter


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