Term 2 Pride in Achievement

Each term teachers are asked to nominate 2 students per subject who show a desire to succeed and ‘go the extra mile’ to achieve their individual best. Well done to all of our students who were nominated for a Pride in Achievement award this term.

Congratulations to our Term 2 class winners who received the most nominations in each class:

Year 1 – Scarlett Han (1VAN), Dora Lin (1MAS), Lucas Shi (1BAL)
Year 2 – Advik Singh (2REE), Mikhail Korobeinikov (2EMM)
Year 3 – Ruby Burns (3SPE), Edwin Jia (3POT)
Year 4 – Chenault De Meyer and Jen Ma (4DAV), Chaenny Shon (4WOO)
Year 5 – Emma Robinson (5FIS), Kavneer Singh (5WOR)
Year 6 – Arlo Pilkington (6BEZ), Zoe Lalich and Esa Youssef (6BRN)