The Puzzlers

It took them eighteen months but finally this inspired and determined group of students produced a complete 4000-piece jigsaw world map with modern geography but a beautiful antique aesthetic.

“So much ocean!” and “Who would have thought there’d be so many places on the planet called George and Victoria!” were common cries and there were times when none of them thought they would complete the puzzle at all, but now it stands proudly in the College library for all to enjoy.

The art of jigsaw puzzling is underestimated. It builds spatial awareness, problem-solving skills, and logical thinking. It improves memory and attention span and pattern recognition. Not only that but depending on the picture being built, masses of knowledge can be gained from what is depicted. All of these have been behind the initiative and the group has grown steadily over the three years it has existed, developing team work skills too.

When you next visit, please pop into the library to take a look at these students’ impressive achievement. You may find it hard to drag yourself away…