University Chemistry Visit

On Thursday 23rd June, AS and A2 Level Chemistry students had a visit from Dr Courtney Davey from the Victoria University of Wellington/Te Herenga Waka. The talk included information about studying Chemistry at Victoria as well as her current field of research. The students were also shown how their current topics and concepts taught in school were relevant to University study, research and beyond. She finished the talk off with Luminol demonstration which got several ‘wows’ from the audience.

The students gained a great deal from the experience, with one student saying, ‘I learnt how chemistry is also referred to as the ‘central science’ as it joins together physics and mathematics, biology and medicine, and earth and environmental sciences.’ Another commented that it was ‘an insightful lesson on the many ways chemistry is further taken and explored in university, and its significant application in other fields of science. I was interested by the specific planning and procedures undertaken through the lecturer’s own water purification project, and how someone’s idea can be launched into society.’