Values: The implicit curriculum

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

As we approach the end of February, it is hard to believe that your sons and daughters have already completed an exciting five weeks of learning. Learning, not surprisingly, is at the heart of everything we do across the campus and we are proud of the high levels of learning that students attain as a result of our carefully designed curriculum that is brought to life by exceptional teachers. However, your child isn’t just benefitting from the knowledge and skills outlined in the various subject disciplines taught at Strathallan, they benefit from an implicit curriculum that is reinforced from the moment they arrive at the Preschool, Primary or College.

The implicit curriculum concept is based on the recognition that students absorb lessons in school that may or may not be part of a formal course of study. Some educators refer to it as the ‘hidden curriculum’ because it isn’t formally acknowledged or examined by students, teachers and the wider community. I would argue that our implicit curriculum is far from hidden and that it underpins interactions at all levels. Our vision and mission clearly outlines our intentions as a school and our core values explicitly state how we expect people to act and treat one another.  These values are then reinforced at every opportunity by teachers – for example, how students should interact with their peers, teachers and other adults and what ideas or behaviours are considered acceptable or unacceptable.

The relationship between home and school is crucial in reinforcing positive behaviours based on strong core values. Encouraging your son or daughter to act in a way that aligns with these values will help them to grow and develop positive habits and attitudes. Reminding them of the importance of being on time, completing their homework, attending training sessions for any teams they sign up for or simply being nice to people, are all examples of behaviours underpinned by our core values. Ultimately, our goal is to work with you to help your child develop into a confident individual with a strong social conscience that will go on to graduate from Strathallan with not only good results, but also as a good person.

Warm regards,