Year 5&6 Wearable Arts

Our Year 5&6 students put on a wonderful showcase of their Term 2 Wearable Arts work this week. The Year 5 theme was Technology Takeover and the Year 6 theme was Ancient Egypt.

Congratulations to all of our students, you have clearly put a lot of time and effort into your creations. A further congratulations to this year’s award winners:

1st Year 5: Emma Robinson and Ian Ma
2nd Year 5: Sahej Sahota and Blake Nicholl-Jones
3rd Year 5: Eric Xu and Daniel Zheng
Highly Commended: Yagyangi Thakur and Victoire Bessette, Kavneer Singh and Yanshan Bao, Stanley Huang and Manvi Patel, Roxy Marshall and Maanat Sekhon.

1st Year 6: Delta Forsyth and Suri Komeshi
2nd Year 6: Izzy Jaggs and Manvir Singh
3rd Year 6: Simrat Sahota and Kaelen Nanu
Highly Commended: Regan Burson and Manrit Singh, Samrath Kaur, Sami Kaur and Melissa Ma, Liam Stacey and Justin Huang.