Year 7 and 8 Citizenship Award

On Friday 27 November we had an assembly to celebrate our Year 7 and 8 students who achieved their Citizenship Awards. Congratulations to all our winners.

Amina Ebrahim Gold
Anika Mai Gold
Annie Gai Gold
Ashton Cook Gold
Charlotte Belz Gold
Emma Hii Gold
Emmy Malins Gold
Eva Talyancich Gold
Evangeline Speedy Gold
Jemma Lyall Gold
Jolene Ly Gold
Katelyn Daniel Gold
Lauren Nelson Gold
Madeleine Agnew Gold
Mahima Pal Gold
Matangi Taufoou Gold
Prisha Shah Gold
Raphael Polansky Gold
Samantha Bennett Gold
Simran Singh Gold
Sophia Polansky Gold
Theodore Scholes-Gilder Gold
Yuou Zhao Gold


Allen Zhu Silver
Armaan Singh Silver
Ashton Thammavongsar Silver
Connor Bryne Silver
Ishaan Patel Silver
Jeremy Maunder Silver
Jessie Kim Silver
Katherine Keene Silver
Lexi Hope Silver
Oliver Barnett Silver
Ritchie Bamola Silver
Rosie Quinn Silver
Ryan Cutten Silver
Sophia Hoffman Silver
Tia Salmon Silver
Trinity-Reine Spence Silver


Aria Bro Bronze
Lydia Alexander Bronze
Sovandarya Hann Bronze


Aimee Chave Commendation
Augustus Strang Commendation
Kaylesh Jivan Commendation
Olivia Jiang Commendation
Reeves Angell Commendation
Xinsheng Bing Commendation
Zander Lyall Commendation


Charlotte Belz in Year 8 spoke about what was involved and what it meant to her. Here is a brief summary of what she had to say.

When the Citizenship Award was first introduced, I was in year seven. I was immediately intrigued and I set off on a mission to get a gold award by trying to get as many hours service, participation and skills as I could. I started off with the school production, something that I had never been involved in and was completely new to me. I learnt how to perform in front of an audience and work with others in a team.  It was a lot of fun as well as a lot of hours of hard work but it was all worth it in the end when we put on the performances.  I made many friends through production and it was a good way to meet and work with older kids in the school, not just kids in my year group. The production, along with things like, piano, vocal lessons and the school Orchestra is what helped me build up my skill hours. Through trying to get hours for the Citizenship Award, I was able to try new things even if they were a bit daunting at first. The new skills I achieved and explored were all because of the Citizenship award. I look back at it now and see all of the wonderful things this Award has provided me and the number of skills I have gained throughout my time of doing Junior Citizenship. The award not only teaches you physical skills like learning a new sport or an instrument or singing in a production, but skills like teamwork, patience, understanding and helping others and the environment around you. The Junior Citizenship Award has opened me up to so many new experiences and lifelong skills. I hope the incoming year 7 and 8s can learn as much as I have from participating in this amazing award.