Year 7 Dance

Samoan Sasa

Year 7 Dance students are excited to Welcome Xavier Breed as a specialist Sasa tutor this term. Xavier will be teaching the Year 7 Dance classes a Samoan Sasa choreographic sequence in preparation for their end of Term 3 Dance showcases.

Year levels performing alongside the Year 7 Sasa performances will be Year 8 Hip Hop and Contemporary Fusion Dance, Year 9 Maori Hip Hop as well as a few “Dance Movement” items which is our new extracurricular dance opportunity offered in the Theatre every Tuesday lunch time.

Xavier will be graduating with a Masters of Dance Studies in 2020 with a focus on cultural understanding through dance in the context of international diplomacy. In 2019, Xavier worked as the Pasifika Careers Development Consultant and International Advisor as well as a tutor in Pacific Studies at the University of Auckland. Alongside his work within the tertiary sector, he was the director for his own Māori-Pasifika project-based dance collective ‘MANU’, aimed at bringing together students and graduates from performing arts schools in Aotearoa, predominantly Māori and Pasifika artists to collaborate and share Pacific-Māori culture internationally.

Invitations regarding the Junior Dance Showcase at the end of Term 3 will be sent out to parents and caregivers in the coming weeks.